Life Services of Spokane

Since 1991, Life Services has been coming alongside women who are facing unplanned pregnancies, offering the practical, logistical, emotional and spiritual support needed for each unique situation. Through the power of Jesus Christ, we are often able to shine light into what might feel like a hopeless situation.


They Offered Me Support In All Ways Possible

"I first visited Life Services 16 years ago! I was 17 years old scared and pregnant. The Life Services team was so welcoming and non-judgemental. My counselor was my rock and helped me navigate through my teen pregnancy. They made me feel loved and that I am capable of raising my daughter and still pursuing my dreams. They offered me support in all ways possible. I can not imagine being pregnant and not having the MyChoice team by my side. I am forever grateful and am doing well with my now 15-year-old daughter. I still keep in touch with my counselor too!"

- Marisa Liepman (Facebook)

Value of Humanity: Out of Sight Out of Mind

Value of Humanity

Recently I was reminded of the value of humanity while enjoying one of my favorite evening activities: snuggling into the couch with my hubby and enjoying a good movie. Once of the best movies we’ve watched lately is Hidden Figures. It’s about three African American female mathematicians doing calculations in a back room at NASA. These three were actually key players in sending our first American astronauts into…


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