One person reaching out in support can make all the difference to a woman facing a crisis pregnancy. God has called us to be a source of support, love, and encouragement that reflects who He is and how much He loves those we serve. You, as a Partner, put feet to our message.

Giving Ideas:


Legacy Brick – Build your permanent legacy by purchasing a brick for $250* to be set in the Life Services walkway. Honor those you love, commemorate a special date, give a unique gift that will last a lifetime, and/or establish your family name permanently on our property, which has been dedicated to the support of LIFE in our community.

  1. Purchase your brick/s today by indicating donation amount in box above. 1 brick = $250, 2 bricks = $500, etc.
  2. Click “Go”
  3. Scroll down from “General Fund” to “Legacy Bricks”
  4. Compete your giving information
  5. Submit
  6. Your brick/s artwork will be emailed to you within the next 48 hours for your approval

Dollar a Day Plan – ($7 week/$30 month) purchases 30 free pregnancy tests, allowing us an opportunity to provide hope, support, life-affirming options, and ongoing care to 30 women who are facing possible unplanned pregnancies.

Changing the Conversation – ($25 week/ $100 month) provides STD (sexually transmitted disease) testing and treatment for one at-risk individual. This allows us an opportunity to educate and share a message of sexual integrity.

Taking it to the Streets – ($600 week / $2,400 month) covers our current Mobile Medical Unit; nursing care, insurance, fuel, maintenance, and storage costs.


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