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Know your body

Be safe.

Be healthy.

Get checked.

In need of a check-up? Your health and well-being are our priority! Our Nurse Midwife can provide a full range of health care services, including comprehensive STI testing and treatment, PAP-smear testing, and breast exams. We are here with you to empower you in making the most informed choice you can about your sexual health needs and desires. These appointments usually run for about 30 minutes.

Personal consultation

Each of our well-woman appointments starts with a comprehensive sexual health consultation which will be completed by our Nurse Midwife. She will assess, plan, and implement a personalized care plan based on the Washington State Department of Health (WaDOH) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) sexual health recommendations.


Treatment options

Treatment options for well-woman care appointments may vary depending on the services received:

STI Testing: Following testing, your care team will develop a personalized treatment plan. In some instances, treatment may necessitate referrals to external resources such as local urgent care facilities or the Spokane Regional Health Department (SRHD).

PAP Smears: In the event of an abnormal pap smear result, we will assist in referring you to a local physician for further testing and treatment options.

Breast Exams: If your breast exam raises concerns, we will facilitate a referral for a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, which may include an ultrasound and/or mammogram.




Our Nurse Midwife will develop a personalized follow-up plan based on your individual needs to ensure ongoing support and wellness. Our priority is to provide comprehensive care and support throughout your well-woman journey.

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