Post-Abortion Care

After Abortion Services Spokane WABy age 45, a third of all women (and men) will have had at least one abortion. 65% of women who choose abortion self-identify as Christian*. In fact, one in three people in and out of the Church are post-abortive*. Most did not choose abortion lightly and many report significant feelings of regret either right away or days, months, years later. Abortion can cause lasting emotional and psychological repercussions commonly known now as PASS*, Post-Abortion Stress SyndromeIf you or someone you know has had or been involved in an abortion, or has PASS symptoms and needs to talk with someone who understands first hand, we can help.

Services Available:

  • Initial one-on-one conversation with a trained advocate to help identify specific needs and next steps. To schedule contact Janine@lifeservices.org.
  • Quarterly confidential small groups for men and women. Contact Lisacinqmars@AbAnon.org for more information or to register.

Additional Information:


  • AbAnon.org – The purpose of AbAnon is to provide awareness regarding the emotional harm caused by abortion, and to provide a path to healing for those affected.  
  • AfterAbortion.com – What is PASS?



* “Complications: Abortions Impact of Women.” The DeVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research.
* “Facts on Induced Abortion.” Guttmacher Institute, 2014.
* “Breaking the Silence on Abortion and Faith.” Auburn Seminary.


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