MySPA Program

MySPA combines support and growth opportunities to empower young women to attain goals they set for themselves toward confident parenting, healthy relationships, and a purposeful, hope filled future. SPA stands for Support-Prepare-Advance and aligns with the kind of actives we do with these young ladies as they are being mentored through our program.

MySPA includes:

  • Support : Through a SPA partner or mentor and resources through our case manager
  • Prepare: Life Skill classes that help women prepare for birthing, parenthood, relationship health, and independence skills
  • Advance : Monthly SPA nights for encouragement, fun, food, spa service and practical rewards for completing tasks toward goals set.

There are two ways to volunteer with our MySPA Program:

Become a MySPA Partner: This is a mentor who participates in monthly SPA nights in order to pair up with a client or resident participant in our MySPA program.  Partners meet weekly according to their own schedule with their participant mentee to offer encouragement and support.  Life Services provides training and support for Partners.  Our hope is that the relationships that develop will become a lifelong friendship.

Become a Child Care Provider: This role is to provide care for children of young moms participating in MySPA life skill classes or monthly SPA nights (every 3rd Monday).

To find out more about MySPA and how you can partner with us, contact sharon@lifeserivces.org or call Sharon at 509-755-0775.



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