Maternity Home House Parents

Life Services is looking for just the right couple to serve as Maternity Home House Parents…Are you called to make an impact by offering hope and support to empower young women? This job is for a dynamic couple who is at a unique stage in life where they can see themselves blending family life with parenting/mentoring single young women who find themselves in an unexpected pregnancy. We’re looking for a couple that exhibits warmth and an ability to connect quickly with people of various backgrounds. Hospitality is a must. The couple must enjoy schedule flexibility (much like being a stay at home parent of busy teens), working as part of a bigger team, freedom, but ability to work within structure, and ability to keep accurate records.

Live-In Respite (Female only)

We will provide room and board and a monthly stipend for a woman who can see herself providing respite care in our maternity home 3 weekends each month plus one day per week to give our regular house parent time off.

This job is for a dynamic single gal who enjoys pouring into others while having the ability to hold others accountable within a grace filled environment. The right candidate must be flexible, able to coordinate within a team, but work independently, and keep necessary records.

To find out more please send your resume and letter of intent to:

Sharon Hengy, Residential Services Director

For more information and the complete job description, please contact us at: info@lifeservices.org


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