Meet Our Team


Pastor Glendie

Executive Director: On Staff 4 Years

“Believe it or not when I was younger I wanted to move to San Diego and be an orca trainer for Seaworld (doesn’t every kid?!) I loved the idea of being able to play in the sun and water all day with a gentle giant! But, God had other plans to use my gifts as a high school teacher and athletic trainer – pretty far cry from orcas & dolphins! When that training was over He called me home to be a mom. Then into the local church ministry to be a women’s pastor, then a speaking pastor and most recently, out of local church ministry and into the nonprofit world as an executive director. It’s amazing (and very curious) the hats God has asked me to wear in life. Some of those hats (roles) I never saw myself wearing. Yet, as I’ve allowed Him to guide and direct my life, God has moved me into a space where I want what He wants.  And apparently, God wants me at Life Services where I get to serve with the most amazing team on the planet, watch God use my own abortion-recovery story testify to His goodness, see Jesus transform the lives of our clients and then partner with donors, Gospel-centered churches, and other local ministries to see a message that promotes LIFE flourish in Spokane! What better life could there be than this! Top that off with the two handsome, talented teen sons and knockout hubby I have at home and I’d say life is goooood!”


Clinical Services & Education Director: On Staff 7 Years

“Many years ago I had my own unplanned pregnancy with no resources and no support network. I realize what a blessing it would have been to have those things at that time, and how much pain and heartache could have been avoided if a place like this existed. I am honored working where I get to meet people right where they are. Life gets messy sometimes. I love what Dietrich Bonhoeffer said about God’s love, ‘God does not love some ideal person, but rather human beings just as we are; not some ideal world, but rather the real world.’ I have the most amazing staff of nurses, OB doctors, advocates, receptionists, and managers, all working together as a team to listen well to each and every patient to find out what resources, care, or testing they need.”


Residential Services Director: On Staff 12 Years

“I work at Life Services because God directed me here. He gave me the job that fulfills the delight and desire of my heart. My favorite part is getting to see the Lord in actions every day in the lives of people He is calling to Himself! Outside of work, I love to garden and watch things grow.


Development Director: On Staff 2 Years

“I first heard about Life Services while in college at EWU. I knew right away that I wanted to be part of this ministry.  I love seeing the gospel lived out here at Life Services as we become the hands and feet of Jesus in Spokane. Lives are being forever changed here and I feel so lucky to have a front row seat to all God is doing through our ministry.” 


Accounts & Human Resources Manager: On Staff 6 Years

“When I first heard about Life Services 20 years ago, the ministry instantly resonated with my heart. I wanted to volunteer at the time, but the timing wasn’t right. So, when I got hired on four years ago, I felt like God fulfilled that desire I had so long ago! A little bit about me: I have two wonderful sons and I didn’t have curly hair until I was 40!”


Volunteer Director: On Staff 1 Year

I started my journey here at Life Services as a client advocate, but my life experiences started preparing me long before that.  I have walked through some difficult seasons in my life and come through with a deeper understanding of grace and a desire to invest in others.  God has put people in my life that have ministered to me and loved me with the love of Jesus Christ.  Many of these people were volunteers!  I believe God is going to use my experience to encourage others as they find their fit as a volunteer in this ministry, and I am so glad to be a part of this team.  Something about me: I love camping and hiking.  Outside is my favorite place!”


Events and Marketing Coordinator: On Staff 2 Years

My biggest passions in life are; history, throwing big parties for my friends and having really deep conversations. I just recently started at Life Services out of a desire to serve a ministry that has been a part of my family for nearly a decade. I have seen firsthand the help they lend to women before, during and after crisis. As a young person, I have also been able to bear witness to the brokenness in our culture. It is easy to feel hopeless in such a confusing world, but I have decide to do what I can to bring a little light. Especially in the tumultuous time, actions speak louder than words – and I hope to use my passions, interests and gifts to serve those around me and in my community.


MyChoice Clinic Manager: On Staff 6 Years

“Fun fact about me: I gave birth to 7 children in 2 years & 363 days! Figure that one out! I love reaching out to our clients and ministering in love, as well as enjoying the supportive and encouraging interaction among all who volunteer here. We are a great team! When I heard a Life Services staff member speak about her crisis pregnancy at a church event, I realized that I had also experienced a crisis pregnancy. That is when I knew God called me to minister to other women who are facing what I did.”


Receptionist: On Staff 2 Years

I am a mom to triplet toddlers and a single baby, making home life full of fun and much chaos! I volunteered as an advocate with the clinic back in 2015 before finding out I was pregnant with the triplets and always knew I wanted to come back and serve in some capacity. I love being at the front desk and getting to be the first face these women (and men) get to see when they come in for appointments. It is an honor to share Christ’s love with them and hear their stories. Everyone has a story – and that’s mine in a nutshell. What is your story that God is writing?


Receptionist: On Staff 6 Years

“I love having face-to-face encounters every day—a chance to show love, care, and acceptance, regardless of their stories. Most of which I usually don’t even know when they walk through the door! Having always had a passion for LIFE, I was excited to learn that Life Services cared as much about mothers as they did about babies. I came here because I wanted to make mom’s in crisis feel HEARD and SEEN.”


RN: On Staff 3 Years

“I have been married to my husband Gus for 18 years and we have 3 children. Something fun about me: I am an identical twin! What drew me to Life Services was being able to use my training as a nurse to walk alongside women/families going through hard, hard things. My two favorite things about working here are: building relationships with clients and working with amazing people who encourage and teach me every single day.”


RN: On Staff 1 Year

“Hello I’m Erin. I’m a spokane native. I’ve been a nurse for 12 years, I graduated from WSU in 2008. I have done everything from ICU, to surgery to urgent care and I love how I can use all of my background and experiences to help the women at MyChoice. I met my husband Marc at WSU, and we will celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary this May. We have 4 children, the 4th who will be joining our family this June. I am so thankful to have a career where I can merge my nursing skills and my love of Jesus to offer holistic, compassionate care. A fun fact about our family, we are wheat farmers and also raise pigs. “



RN: On Staff 7 Years

“I still remember being 19, making decisions that were driven by wanting to be accepted and loved. At that age, I often felt insecure and very much alone. Fast forward to my 50’s when I returned to my nursing career after being a stay-at-home mom for 28 years. Now, in my current season of life (I’m a proud grandma of 3), I knew I wanted to serve young women who may feel like I did; to let them know there is hope for healing, security and unconditional love found in Jesus, and support during life’s difficult times. Fun fact about me: I am a lifelong learner. Last year, my daughter and I took American Sign Language together at Spokane Community College. Still practicing, but looking forward to the next educational challenge!”


RN: On Staff 2 Years

“As long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for ministry. Having grown up as a missionary kid and then a pastor’s kid, ministering in real life situations was always part of our family’s life and remains a huge thing I admire, respect and treasure about my parents. Which is why, when I became aquatinted with the ministry of MyChoice, God drew my heart to it so much. I absolutely love the blessing it is to get to walk along side our clients through the tough real life situations they find themselves facing– practical issues and at the same time deeply heart wrenching at times. It is a tremendous blessing when we get to see and be a part of God’s handiwork in the hearts and lives of those He loves and pursues so passionately– which includes you and me!”

mychoice-spokane-pregnancy-clinic-abortion-strong-fathersmychoice-spokane-pregnancy-clinic-abortionMark and Josephine

Maternity House Parents/ Fatherhood Director (Mark):  On Staff 1 Year

“One of the choices born out of unplanned pregnancy is adoption. Certainly it is not the only choice but, adoption has been a significant part of our life and a palpable link to the mission of My Choice. After two tries at invitro fertilization, and much prayer, in 2004 we made the decision to adopt three little girls in foster care, after their biological family could find no reconciliation. Because of some unforeseen complications we went from the two of us to a family of five in a matter of a few weeks. As we became a family, the whole trajectory of our life had a new focus. We have worked in ministry with at risk youth and adults for most of our careers and have always made it a family endeavor. We are thrilled to be part of the My Choice Maternity House Team, and look forward to new opportunities to share the love of Jesus in practical ways right within our home.”


Case Manager: On Staff 1 Year

I am a Spokane native, who like many of the clients we serve, have my own unplanned pregnancy story. My daughter was born in 1993 mid way through my senior year of high school. As a single mom, I attended college locally so that I had access to my family and support network.  I met my husband also a Spokane native, at a stock car track in Idaho, when my daughter was 4.  We married when she was 5 and he adopted her shortly after.   In 2001, our son was born, last December Rob and I celebrated our 20th anniversary. I first learned about Life Services in 2008 at a Women’s ministry event and knew instantly I wanted to be involved.  My husband and I hosted three girls over the next five years as a Host Home and have been involved in various ways since. I am so honored to, again, be part of the Life Service team.


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